Maintenance of engineering systems

Our specialists provide comprehensive maintenance services and current repairs of the following engineering systems and equipment of the real estate object:
  • Air ventilation system
  • Conditioning system
  • Water and sanitation system
  • Heat supply, heating and gas supply system
  • Electric power supply system
  • Fire protection system
  • Video surveillance system
  • Dispatch and automation system for engineering systems
  • Other equipment


All cleaning works are carried out efficiently, on time and in compliance with all requirements of the customer. Clean rooms make a good impression and create pleasant atmosphere for company employees, customers and visitors. They also retain the useful life of the building. Our services include:
  • Daily cleaning – package of services individually chosen for each service object.
  • Overall cleaning of commercial and private property. Convenient work schedule.
  • Washing of windows, store fronts, facades (elevated jobs). Works are performed year-round by qualified professionals who undergone special training, got the right to perform work and have great experience in elevated job.
  • After-construction cleaning – set of activities individually chosen for objects for qualitative cleaning.
  • Specialized cleaning works. We can perform a certain part of work, which is considered to be complex or too time-consuming.

Administer contracts

Within the scope of services on contracts administration, FM STANDARD Company acts as the representative of the owner of commercial real estate.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Administration of lease contracts — it is an opportunity to reduce portfolio and financial risks, to save money and to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities.
  • Administration of public-services contracts – representation of the Client's interests in public utilities: conclusion and solution of technical and regulatory issues under the agreements with public utilities.


We offer individual projects for greening offices and commercial premises of any type. In the course of work process, we take into account all the needs and budgets of our customers. The company employs florists who provide services on office greening and follow-up services on professional handling of plants in "24/7" mode. Handling of plants includes their watering (scheduling, watering control), soil replacement, cutting-back, replanting to the other containers and enrichment by nutrients and fertilizers.
Your preferences and our creativity will transform your office or business space by making it comfortable to work and impressive for reception of customer's and partners.
It is possible to perform both comprehensive handling of plants, and one-time performance of work at the customer's request.

Emergency service

FM STANDARD not only performs maintenance and repair work for your company, but also provides emergency maintenance of real estate objects for corporate clients.
In case of emergency situation, customers can call our Call Center 24/7 and describe the essence of the incident. We will take measures in the shortest time possible to localize the accident, stabilize the situation, prevent the destruction of property of the client and offer measures for the full restoration of damaged areas.


First of all, it is a professional care of your business, as well as:


24/7 Call centre and technical support provided by mobile teams


Individual approach to each customer


Quality Control System


Professional staff


Transparency of financial statements


High degree of responsibility


Monitoring of work performance and analytics using the CRM program


High-quality services available anywhere in Ukraine

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FM Standard

It is the maintenance and management of commercial real estate infrastructure

FM STANDARDSince 2008, FM STANDARD provides a full range of services aimed at comprehensive administration and maximization of the effective maintenance of commercial real estate objects: commercial management, consulting services, technical and infrastructure management.
Accumulated experience, the use of advanced technologies in the management, as well as constant improvement of quality of services provided allows us to be professionals in the field of commercial real estate management and to justify the confidence of our customers and partners.
Our goal is to provide effective and qualitative solutions in all areas of facility management, and therefore effective planning, quick response to requests, professional and transparent execution of tasks.
Headquarters of FM STANDARD are in Kyiv, and Company representatives work in all regional centers of Ukraine.